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Michael Hay

Michael transformed the Tel Aviv hotel market into a major boutique hotel destination, with over 40% of current hotels qualifying as boutique, many of which were developed by Hay himself. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Michael became fascinated with hotels by the age of ten. He'd often ditch school to hang out in hotel lobbies and thought then, "one day, I want to have my own chain of hotels."

Hay is the founder of Vision Hospitality and the managing partner of Elco Hospitality (joint venture of Vision and Elco Holdings). He holds extensive global experience in identifying, analyzing, managing and developing various types of hotel assets for private and institutional investors. Michael gained his professional experience as a senior associate at HVS International (NY) where he executed numerous hotel valuation and feasibility studies across the USA. He further honed his professional skills during his time in France where he evaluated and assessed a broad range of hotel investment opportunities across Europe. Michael earned his degree in Hotel and Tourism Management at New York University before gaining hands-on operational experience from leading Five-Diamond hotels in the USA.


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