Vision Hospitality is Israel's leading hotel development and management company. 


The last decade has seen the hospitality industry move far beyond merely offering guests a place to sleep. Today, both investors and developers seek to offer guests more meaningful experiences with lasting value. To meet such demand, we provide specifically targeted services designed to yield maximum investment potential.

Since 2005, Vision Hospitality, in partnership with Atlas Hotel Group, has played a vital role in the success of numerous hotel development projects, valued at a combined 750+ million NIS. Specialist knowledge, finely-tuned skills, and tested techniques allow Vision Hospitality to create business-smart opportunities and facilitate the journey to success for investors and hotel management companies alike.

Our expertise include:

  • In-depth feasibility studies of potential hotel projects

  • Developing a project's financial & physical blueprints

  • Comprehensive project budgeting

  • Project management from start through completion and beyond

  • Formulating and implementing hotel operational procedures

  • Sourcing ideas and coordinating the entire creative and branding process

  • On-going hotel management services

Completed Projects

Shalom Hotel & Relax, Tel Aviv

Saul, Tel Aviv

65, Tel Aviv

Artplus, Tel Aviv

Melody, Tel Aviv

Center Chic, Tel Aviv

Sadot, Ben Gurion Airport

Harmony, Jerusalem

Nova Like, Eilat

Townhouse, Tel Aviv

Lavi, Kibbutz Lavi

Kalya, Kibbutz Kalia

West, Tel Aviv

Daniel, Herzelia

Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem

Tur Sinai Farm, Jerusalem

The Norman, Tel Aviv

Mendeli Street Hotel, Tel Aviv

Yam, Tel Aviv

Market House, Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Bay Club, Haifa

Under Development & Proposed Projects

Fabric, Tel Aviv 

Ohel Theater, Tel Aviv

Ehad HaAm, Jerusalem

Alkunin, Tel Aviv

Neve Zedek (Nehushtan), Tel Aviv

202 HaYarkon, Tel Aviv

Trumperldor 4-6, Tel Aviv

HaBima, Tel Aviv

Brenner 14, Tel Aviv

Aquaris, Eilat

122 Alenby, Tel Aviv

9 Montefiore, Tel Aviv

94 Alenby, Tel Aviv

Selected clients

Atlas Hotels

Sheraton Hotels Israel

Tamars Hotels

Keren Kayemet LeIsrael

King Albert LTD

White City Buildings

Direct Capital LTD

Acropolis LTD

Sun Tree International

JVP International

Kibbutz Ramat Rachel

Kibbutz Lavi

Kibbutz Kalya

Bereshit Investment Fund

Private Real Estate Investors

Prima Hotels

Vision Hospitality

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